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One of our goals is to provide links to some of the many open and online resources that are related to the teaching and study of music. These are not exhaustive, but may provide starting points for research or reading. They are not meant to stand alone and, in some cases, require significant introduction and contextualization in the classroom.

Items labeled “Teaching” and some others (like “Virtual Fieldwork”) are primarily intended for instructors. Others are resources that people have used as assigned reading/watching/listening in their undergraduate classrooms.

Please note that these items do not go through the same review process as World Music Textbook contributions. If you would like to add any resources, suggest a bibliography, have any concerns about a resource, would like to edit or add to a resource description, or find a broken link, please email the editors.

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  • 2021



    An online ear training tool focused on identifying relative pitch relationships.

    Interactive / Musical Terms

  • 2021

    The Lomax Digital Archive

    The Association for Cultural Equity

    From the website introduction: The Lomax Digital Archive provides free access to audio/visual collections compiled across seven decades by folklorist Alan Lomax (1915–2002) and his father John A. Lomax (1867–1948).

    Historical Ethnomusicology / Teaching / Global / North America

  • 2021

    Learning Synths


    This module from Abelton covers the construction of synthesized sound through text and interactives. The Playground (linked here) allows the user to create their own sounds through experimentation.

    Interactive / Musical Instruments

  • 2021

    SoundLore podcast

    Indiana University Ethnomusicology

    From the site: SoundLore's episodes venture into the research, practices, and projects of folklore and ethnomusicology. Our podcast guests include current and emeritus faculty, students, and alumni from the department, extending the conversation beyond the classroom.

    Ethnomusicology / Public Musicology

  • 2021

    Nigerian Christian Songs: A Digital Interactive Songbook

    Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary and the Baylor University Center for Christian Music Studies

    Prepared by doctoral students at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (Ogbomoso, Nigeria) and Baylor University (Waco, TX), this digital resource focuses on Nigerian church music. The site includes a rich variety of material collected from their own hybrid ethnographic research, including Zoom interviews, surveys, and various digitized primary source documents, largely from Nigerian doctoral students.

    Collaboration / Ethnomusicology / Indigeneity / Public Musicology / Sustainability / Africa

  • 2021

    Teaching music history

    AMS Pedagogy Study Group

    From the AMS email list: Our website has a resources page that includes links to digital collections, sample syllabi and assignments, and other teaching materials. In the coming weeks we’ll be adding new materials to the website, so circle back early and often.


  • 2021

    Expanding the music theory canon

    Paula Maust

    From the AMS email list: A collection of music theory examples by women and BIPoC composers. Examples are geared to the undergraduate core sequence. Each example contains a PDF of an excerpt for classroom use, a link to a public domain full score, a recording (when available), and a detailed composer biography.

    Musicology / Race / Teaching