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About WMT Chapters

The World Music Textbook is comprised of “chapters.” These are prepared by scholars, musicians, and others and they go through a blind peer review process. They may be short essays, videos, interactive sites, or they may be in other formats entirely. If you have an idea for a contribution, please reach out or consider submitting. In addition to these chapters, the resources page lists many other useful sites from across the internet.

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September 5, 2023

Video Game Music

By Tim Summers

This chapter considers how video game music developed and cultural and ethical challenges in creating gameworlds with music.

Identity / Media / Music Technology

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September 1, 2023

Moroccan Trance: Unruly Bodies and the Colonial Imagination

By Samuel Llano

Sufi trance in colonial Morocco developed under strict colonial scrutiny and control and has been the object of fear, misunderstanding, dismissal, and even scorn. This article considers colonialism's impact on the production and perpetuation of negative stereotypes about trance.

Historical Ethnomusicology / Nationalism / Politics / Race / Africa / Europe

February 3, 2023

Ol Woman Blong Wota (The Women of the Water)

By Sandy SUR, Ashley Burgess, Maeve McKenna, Catherine Grant

The women of Leweton have been performing Water Music for international audiences since the founding of the Leweton Cultural Village in 2008, and have been practising this tradition for as long as they remember.

Activism / Heritage / Sustainability / Pacific

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January 3, 2023

Music and Archives

By Ryan Koons

This article provides an overview of critical issues regarding music in archives.

Ethnomusicology / Music Notes

March 10, 2022

Music and Nationalism

By Kristina Nielsen, Jessie Vallejo

This article offers an overview of musical nationalism. It considers how states have used music as a political tool as well as the ways in which communities have employed music to reject national identities and challenge nation-states.

Activism / Immigration / Music Notes / Nationalism / Politics / Global

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March 10, 2022

Music and Nationalism: Annotated Playlist

By Kristina Nielsen, Jessie Vallejo

This is an annotated playlist on the topic of music and nationalism. It can be used to accompany the World Music Textbook article "Music and Nationalism."

Activism / Immigration / Music Notes / Nationalism / Playlist / Politics / Global

May 5, 2021

Articulating Race and Nation in Brazilian Popular Song

By James McNally

This article presents a cultural history of Brazilian popular song (canção popular) and the many musical genres that fall under its umbrella. From the early days of samba to contemporary popular styles, popular song in Brazil has long represented a site for negotiating complex questions of race, nation, and politics.

Activism / Nationalism / Politics / Popular Music / Race / Latin America / South America

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January 22, 2021

Stories of Cambodian Angkuoch: Documenting a Rare Musical Instrument, its Makers and Players

By SONG Seng, GRANT Catherine

This piece introduces the endangered Cambodian musical instrument Angkuoch, its makers and players, and a project documenting the making process. It also reflects on ethics of instruments in museum collections.

Heritage / Musical Instruments / Public Musicology / Sustainability / Southeast Asia

January 15, 2021

Rhythm and expectation

By Christopher Witulski

This four-part series explores the relationship between rhythm, expectation, and experience. It describes musical terms and central concepts while using specific examples from Morocco to problematize western-centric binaries.

Musical Terms / Sound / Africa / Global / Middle East

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May 15, 2020

Music and Identity in Danza Azteca

By Kristina Nielsen

This piece considers how music contributes to identities within Aztec dance communities. It explores how different identities are created and sustained through music and dance practices.

Dance / Identity / Indigeneity / Tradition / Latin America / Native America / North America