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Summer 2022 Update

Summer 2022 Update

by Kristina Nielsen, Jessie Vallejo, Christopher Witulski

It is incredible to believe that more than two years have passed since we first launched of this project. The World Music Textbook was envisioned to fill a gap that we observed in publicly available work intended for undergraduate students and the general public. Our goal remains to provide free peer-reviewed works that can serve as a primary text in lieu of the standard textbooks and, in doing so, broaden the areas currently covered in introductory sources.

We are now making substantial progress in recruiting pieces including written pieces, podcasts, documentaries. We foresee a year in which many pieces will be added to the collection, building upon the sustainable base that we have worked to cultivate. Our eye remains on the long game, and we look forward to what this project will become as we grow. To watch our progress, follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages or sign up for our email list.

If you are interested in contributing, we welcome you to contact us. Should you have any suggestions for the project, please feel free to offer them in our comment section available at the bottom of our website.